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Muslim India, the Temple Murders, the CIA during the Cold War, the ‘Lost Tudor’, Süleyman, prisoners at war, Chapeltown race riots, Medieval nicknames, Marija Jurić Zagorka, 11th century Armenia.

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March 2023


Save Your Ass

The US government was happy to support the assassination of foreign officials – but not to be seen doing so.

Getting Away with Murder

Found guilty of the Temple Murders in 1733, Sarah Malcolm became the most notorious woman in Britain. Did she commit the crime alone? Did she commit it at all?

The Lost Tudor

Son of a queen and uncle to the king who founded a dynasty, history almost forgot Edward Tudor. Why?

Glory or Gravity?

John Hutchinson and Isaac Newton were both devout scholars who believed that the natural world and God were inextricably linked. The similarities ended there.